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Mexican Citizenship Study Links

Whether you've chosen Mexico as your new home, or you have deep-rooted ties and want to make it official, we applaud your pursuit to embrace the Mexican nationality. This page is designed as your go-to resource hub to help you ace the Mexican citizenship exam, a significant step in your journey.

Our extensive collection of study materials, presented here, is carefully curated to help you understand not just the what, but also the why, as you delve deeper into the richness of Mexico's history, culture, constitution, and beyond. They're structured to effectively guide you through the complexities and nuances of the test, providing you with a solid foundation for your understanding of Mexico.

Our hope is that these resources will not only help you prepare for the Mexican citizenship exam but also inspire you to fully appreciate the beautiful tapestry that is Mexico, enriching your new chapter in this vibrant country. Remember, learning is a journey, and we are thrilled to be a part of yours. ¡Buena suerte!

Official References

The official study resources recommended by the Secretariat of Foreign Relations can be found here:

Bibliografía de Estudio 2017 Naturalización

Nueva Historia Mínima de México

The most important resource listed in the SRE naturalization bibliography is a book called Nueva historia mínima de Mexico. This book is a survey of Mexican history from pre-hispanic to modern times. It is highly recommended to read this book cover-to-cover for a broad summary of Mexican history, starting with the Olmecs. There are several editions of the book.

Interactive Edition

There is a new interactive version of the book for iOS & Android, available in Spanish only. It can be downloaded for free from the publisher's website, Colegio de México.

Interactive Edition

English Edition

There is an English edition of Nueva historia mínima de México. It is called A New Compact History of Mexico, and is available as an e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.

Kindle | Kobo

Traditional E-Book

The non-interactive Spanish edition is also available for Amazon Kindle. Choose this version if you would like to read in Spanish on your kindle, without the images and other media in the new interactive edition.

Kindle Edition in Spanish

Videos Resources

Maya to Aztec - Ancient Mesoamerica Revealed

This fantastic course from The Great Courses covers Mexican history from pre-hispanic times to the arrival of the Spanish. There are 48 separate lectures of 30 minutes each, with each lecture covering a different topic. This is our favourite and most recommended resource and a great place to start. It can either be purchased from The Great Courses, or viewed on their streaming service The Great Courses Plus.

Maya to Aztec - Ancient Mesoamerica Revealed

Nueva Historia Mínima de México - Video Series

The Colegio de México produced a videos series based on the book. This is an older production and not HD quality, but may be very useful for some.

The series of 7 videos is available in Spanish only, and it may require a level of Spanish greater than that required to pass the exam to fully understand.

Nueva Historia Mínima de México

Bully Magnets

Bully Magnets is a Youtube channel, whose theme is history. It is not only Mexican history, but most are. They have a Mexican History list which may be of interest to people studying for the citizenship exam.

Bully Magnets - Historia de México

Other Links


We love the Mexican citizenship flash cards on our site, but we know some people may prefer Quizlet. For those people, we have exported some of the questions from our site to a Quizlet deck.

You will also find a number of other Mexican citizenship flash card decks on Quizlet if you do a search. We like ours because we personally curated and validated every question and answer in our deck.

Mexican Citizenship Quizlet Deck

Pueblos Mágicos

A full list of the 121 Pueblos Mágicos can be found on the Secretaría de Turismo site:

Pueblos Mágicos de México